Social Media Statistics – 2014 Infographic

“Despite social media marketing’s maturing from a noisy infant to an arrogant adolescent… resistance to taking it seriously and apply and implement appropriate resources is still ever present.” – Jeff Bullas In the past few years, social media platforms have proliferated like mushrooms. Without a social media strategy, overwhelm is a given. The Infographic below …

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What Makes Content Go Viral?

What’s the magic that causes a tweet, YouTube video or ad campaign to go viral? Awe-inspiring content, hilarity and controversy all rank high on the reasons why people share. In other words, things that provoke an emotional reaction. Mark Hachman cites a study by two Wharton assistant professors suggesting that “readers value and share hope and awe, …

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Cash Cow

Some people try new things in the proven fashion of Ready….Aim…Fire. Not me. I go at it with guns blazing…Ready, FIRE, Aim….. So when it comes to marketing, I test small but I love to jump in and try new things. Sometimes they work, sometimes – not so much. Typically, it gives me a place …

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The Power of Video Marketing

Are you using the power of Video Marketing? I remember when using video in business required hiring a professional videographer and spending thousands of dollars and several days of your time to create one video. Times have certainly changed, and though there are circumstances that warrant that kind of investment, the effectiveness of posting simple …

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