The 36 Rules of Social Media [Infographic]

I’ve been enchanted by social media since I began flirting with it years ago. I expected it to be work and discovered it’s more like a dance class. We’ve been in a serious relationship since that time.

My bio says I’m a Professional Speaker, Business Coach, Author, Team-Builder, and Online Marketing Strategist with experience in social media marketing. Communication skills, team-building, and forging enduring, healthy relationships are keystones in what I do. Social media goes right along with that since it’s about communication, engagement and connection. Thus, my commitment to staying abreast of the latest and greatest in social media continues.

I’m a huge fan of Infographics for their visual appeal and the way you can get a lot of information at a glance.  Here are a few of the rules that jumped out at me from the Infographic below:

Stop and ask: Would an actual person talk that way?

Everyone says they don’t want to be marketed to. Really, they just don’t want to be talked down to.

Always write back.

Everyone’s an influencer.

Update your page or delete it.

Desktop is conquered territory – mobile is the battlefield.

Social media is an organism, not a process.

Thanks to Fast Company for a great visual on

The 36 Rules of Social Media




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