Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Every week when I flip my personal planner to a new page, the blank spaces beckon me to fill in My Project This Week, My Goals and My Biggest Win. I get a clean slate every week.

I’ve been reminded of an important truth as I consider how to fill in the blanks.
Success is often a result of committing to the fundamentals over and over again.

Sometimes the same goals get carried over for weeks, or even months at a time. Daily actions can sometimes seem like so much wasted motion because the results aren’t evident yet..

The crazy thing about doing the small things every day is that it all adds up.

Consider your actions to be like compounded interest.

Put $100 a month into an account that compounds monthly. Average a 6% return. Do it every month for 30 years. Guess how much money you’ll have accumulated?


Here’s another important truth:

If you do little things like they’re big things, then God will do big things like they’re little things.

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