Improve Your Organic Reach on FaceBook [Infographic]

Last week, I focused quite a bit of time refreshing my knowledge of what’s new on FaceBook since the rules literally change overnight – particularly concerning organic reach for business pages.

I attended webinars with some of the top names in the field, including Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith and Kim Garst and studied their latest thoughts and tips.

A year or so ago, when organic reach dropped dramatically, there was a lot of belly-aching about how Facebook wanted us to start paying to be seen there. I shrugged, considering it’s a free site with enormous popularity. It’s not shocking that they are monetizing the second most popular site in the world. Their reasons for change and how they have executed it are undoubtedly complex. Understanding how to comply with all the rules and reach your target audience seems to be a mix of art, science, statistical mathematics with a dash of luck for good measure.

In other words, it’s going to take you more than five minutes a day if you want to market effectively on FaceBook. But with a plan and proper time for preparation and execution, I’m convinced it is a “must” in the tool bag for most businesses. Because like it or loathe it, people are still hanging out on FaceBook. Millions and millions of people. Thus the question is not really, can you afford the time? You’d be better to ask, “can I afford not to invest in Facebook marketing?”

Two changes I implemented immediately:
1. Increased my posts to 6-8 a day. That’s up from 2-3 posts per page. Consistency counts.  I didn’t realize that would really help organic reach.

2. Boosting posts right from the button below the post. I had the misguided idea that running ads needed to be much more complicated.

I am intrigued by Neil Patel’s suggestion to post in non-peak hours as part of a strategy to increase organic reach and look forward to testing that. I have a lot of work to do. I would love it if you take a moment to connect with me on FaceBook. You can let me know how I’m doing. *Grin*

This helpful Infographic is courtesy of Neil Patel, the marketing genius behind QuickSprout

Improve Your Organic Reach on FaceBook


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