Growing Your Business with Twitter [Infographic]

TwitterThe people I work with represent a diverse mix of industries and span a full range of ages from Generation Y to Baby Boomers. Everyone talks about social media and the vast majority of businesses today are using at least a few social media channels to build brand recognition. Yet I find it interesting that most of those in my audience are not active on Twitter. They typically have set up an account at some point, but I hear repeatedly, “I just don’t get Twitter.”

You owe it to yourself to understand why Twitter is an important tool in growing your business.  Let me cite some reasons why it is worth your time to establish a presence on Twitter:

  • If Twitter were a country, it would be 12th largest in the world
  • There are currently more than 271 million active users on Twitter
  • More than 500 million tweets are sent every day
  • The average time spent on Twitter monthly is 170 minutes
  • 78% of Twitter users are tweeting from their mobile device
  • About 58% of the top brands in the world have over 100,000 Twitter followers
  • About 88% of the B2B (business to business) marketers are using Twitter in distributing content

Sources for these facts as well as more statistics can be viewed at

The Twitterverse is fast and furious, but it’s worth making the effort to understand it and leverage this tool. Some of my reasons why include:

  1. If you have a product, service, non-profit, cause, brand or message, then chances are if you learn how to use Twitter, it can be an amazing source of traffic for what you are offering.
  2. You will become a more concise communicator by creating messages that are 125 characters long (142 characters is the limit, but you want to leave room for others to share your content).
  3. You can connect with people you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. In addition, you can connect with current contacts to build deeper relationships across multiple social media channels.
  4. Your presence on Twitter increases your overall online visibility – Search Engines pick up Tweets.
  5. Twitter launched the live video streaming tool, Periscope, this year. Since video is one of the fastest growing segments of internet marketing, this channel promises rapid growth and high visibility. Your periscope account is linked to your Twitter account.
  6.  Twitter gives you the opportunity to support others, network  and be a connector for others.
  7.   Your prospective clients will be looking for you. You need to be where your people are and many of them are on Twitter!

With all that said, there is much to learn about how to maximize the time you invest in Twitter.
Today’s tips will focus on what you need to know about #hashtags…

Proven Tips for Growing Your Business With Twitter

Twitter Hashtag Infographic
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