The Power and the Promise

NautilusCutawayLogarithmicSpiralThere’s always someone who seems to do it better than you. We are all surrounded by those who are more articulate, more dynamic, better looking, wealthier, skinnier, healthier, wiser. You know… more of everything we think we want and need. We can become hypnotized by the world’s power and the promise that someone else can make us successful.

It’s a trap.

While we’re looking around and measuring how far we fall short, we miss what is within us. We miss the gifts right in our own hearts and in our own hands.

Within YOU.  Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

What you need for a full life – a life of significance and joy – is already within you.  Perhaps it has been trampled, snuffed out or camouflaged. Perhaps it needs to be uncovered, reclaimed, redeemed.

The noise of the world, the clamor of celebrities, the hype of the latest and greatest program that will make you articulate, dynamic, better looking, wealthy, skinny, healthy and wise…. If you listen to the shouting, you’ll want to quit before you begin. You decide you’ll never be heard – never make a difference.

So you settle.  You taste mediocrity and decide it’s not so bad.

Mediocrity is for last year, not for 2016. Your destiny is not about buying more stuff or having a cape that enables you to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. It’s in discovering the power and the promise in your own unique identity.

You can win from within. And from that place, you can lead others in ways that will astonish you.

Let the adventure begin. The power and the promise is within you.

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