Keys to Building an Effective Organizational Culture

I’ve been fascinated with the intricacies of culture since I was in high school and became familiar with the work of cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead. Becoming an anthropologist was one of the career aspirations I had as I moved through college. When I landed in the business world, I wasn’t immediately aware of how much the culture we immerse ourselves in has everything to do with our happiness and productivity in life.

Now, as a leadership coach, I am fascinated and delighted to delve into the importance of creating a healthy company culture. Building a culture of excellence with a high level of engagement on every level of the organization is a quest I am relentlessly pursuing. The preparation and planning, never mind the execution and adventure, are enormous undertakings.

I’m a huge fan of infographics as a tool to convey a lot of information simply. Thanks to for a great graphic on 28 Components to Constructing Effective Organizational Culture. Or in my words, here are 28 keys to building an effective organizational culture:

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