The Power of Stories – Recounting the Goodness of God

Since time began, storytelling has been a method of passing important truths from one generation to the next. Values, history, culture and valuable lessons have always been communicated via stories. They spark emotion, connect us with one another, and reach us in a way that can actually change the lens of our perspective.

Such is the story La’wana Harris tells in her book, You Are Still Good. She recounts the power and nearness of God when her family experienced a life-changing tragedy. Her story inspires hope and will build your faith in a God who still speaks today and loves to make His name great through miracles.

Though most of us will never walk through circumstances exactly like La’wana did in 2012, the principles of faith can apply to any challenge we face. La’wana walked with God before, during, and after a health emergency that almost took her 17 year old daughter’s life.

You Are Still Good is salted with important Biblical truths like, “scriptures are as powerful as any medicine when spoken in faith. The power is not only in the speaking but also in the believing.” The summary of the book is found in La’wana Harris’ declaration “There is hope on the other side of tragedy.”

Reading La’wana’s story brings to mind a book I had the opportunity to contribute to last year. From Tears to Triumph: Tales of Transformation through Jesus Christ  is an anthology containing 24 stories of hope, redemption, and recovery. The story I contributed is titled After the Wedding and tells of some of the perils and pearls in 38 years of marriage. There are highlights of lessons learned (the hard way, of course), and nuggets found on the winding journey. It hasn’t been easy, but oh, it has been worth it.

My friend, Pat Sabiston, is one of the contributing authors to the compilation as well. Her story, When God Calls, It’s Never a Wrong Number, tells of her experience serving in political office. It’s a refreshing perspective on what can be a divisive and tumultuous arena. To receive an autographed copy, leave a comment below and I’ll send you an order link. (The cost is $12 including shipping.)

Everybody has a story. What you’ve overcome in life positions you to help others become overcomers as well. We need each other.

Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe.  But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.


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