Thrive Not Strive

Thrive, not strive is my new mantra.

Rise and grind is how tons of people start Monday.  Rush, work, and strive through pressure, stress, and frustration. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to make  room for thriving and flourishing.

How can you shift negativity into motivation? Wouldn’t it be grand if instead of dealing with disgruntled, disengaged people – your team is ready to learn and embark on a quest for excellence?  That’s the dream of every organizational leader.  Whether your team is a family, staff, or an entire company – your leadership is the pivot point for the energy and direction of the group.

Resilience and optimism are key qualities necessary for weathering adversity and inspiring others to bring their best to challenging situations. Difficulties abound but with the right perspective, adversity can bear the seeds of fresh opportunities. This is not simplistic, naïve thinking, this can be the blueprint for a terrific fourth quarter.

Is it realistic to think you can generate momentum without being frantic about it? To thrive without all the striving? Yes. It’s not only realisitic, it’s imperative. You will never have endurance until you find your rhythm in leadership.

Something Good is About to Happen

So what are your plans for lunch this week? Let’s meet.  Every day this week, I am offering Live Leadership Training in a series called Be the Momentum.  It’s at 12 noon Central Time Monday through Friday. It’s happening on my Facebook business page >> Beverly Lewis, Speaker, Business Coach, Author. Be sure to like the page and you’ll be reminded when I go Live.

Here’s what you can expect:
Monday, Oct. 1st – Eight Great Traits of Effective Leaders
Tuesday, Oct. 2nd – Investing Well In Enduring Relationships
Weds., Oct. 3rd – A Solid Foundation of Articulate Communication
Thurs. Oct. 4th – Identity and Branding
Friday Oct. 5th – Accountability: The Power Switch


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