Unhealthy Office Habits You Can and Should Reframe

A healthy workplace manifests itself in numerous ways. With a focus on EQ, I typically would describe a safe, healthy office as one with strong leadership, engaged teams and clear communications. Unhealthy offices are often polluted with toxic people and stressful relationships.

Yet unhealthy offices can also develop in a physical sense when people don’t take care of themselves. Indeed, it’s important to respect others, but that can only grow from someone who has a healthy level of self-respect. One indicator of self-respect is how well you take care of yourself.

The infographic below addresses key issues that disrupt wellness in the workplace. Some of the workplace habits that can literally be making you sick include:
1) Sedentary behavior.
2) Too much coffee.
3) Stress about work demands.
4) Mindless eating.
5) Taking work home.
6) Not using vacation time.

Unless you work in a spa you may never transform your workplace into a health retreat. But by ditching your unhealthy work habits, you can improve your health and well being and may boost your creativity and productivity in the process.

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