Secrets to Relationships that Last

As I was packing in preparation for the possible forced evacuation of our home after Hurricane Michael, I heard an odd ping when I banged my left hand against a counter. As I examined my wedding set, there was a gap in the engagement band that looked as obvious as a missing tooth. I sunk to […]

Leaders are Listeners

As a school child, I was constantly reprimanded for talking too much. Mrs. Bissell, my 5th grade teacher, told me she saw the back of my head more than she did my face. (Apparently, I was always turned around in my desk talking to someone.) More recently, while in the gym, a trainer commented that […]

How to Choose Not to Be Offended

When I was a kid in the back of the station wagon on family road trips, I always put my imagination to work as we drove through the towns on the way to our destination. (No interstate driving for us – my dad liked the scenic route.) I spent time imagining what life was like for […]

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