You Are NOT a Fraud!

This person keeps saying negative things about you.

They say you don’t really know what you’re doing.

They say if the curtain was pulled back, people would see that you’re not the least bit impressive.

You’re being called an imposter – a poser – a big fake!
peek behind the curtain

If you don’t shut this person up, they could RUIN your business.

Want to know WHO this person is?

…take a good look in the MIRROR.

Yep. This person I’m talking about is you. It’s that little voice that talks to you incessantly.

The voice of your doubts and fears.

The voice that says you’re not good enough – that you’re going to FAIL.
You’ve got to get this internal dialogue straightened out.

Because if you don’t, it’s going to cost you. BIG time.

2 thoughts on “You Are NOT a Fraud!”

  1. I’m so excited to have met at your Bold Identity Workshop! I really look forward to sharing my adventure In Christ Alone with you.

    Which brings me to the convening of The Committee. Their favorite time to talk smack to me is when God uses, and works through, me. “No way can God do a big, bold, and mighty work through you!” they say. “It’s not God it’s you”, they say. “Thinking God will use you big is sheer hubris!” they say.

    But they’re wrong. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Send me!” I say, and God will. Because all He needs is a willing spirit, a humble heart and a faithful servant. I am blessed, awestruck, amazed, humbled, giddy, excited… to be embarking on my “Crazy Faith” chapter of life! So to The Committee I say, “Zip it! Get thee behind me satan!” Because to say God can’t or won’t use me is nothing more or less than a lie of the enemy-one he will no longer use victoriously on me!

    Your advice was spot-on. Your support is so very much appreciated. You inspire me!

  2. Beverly Lewis

    I am expectant and excited to get to be an eyewitness of His Majesty as your journey unfolds. I am with you!
    What amazing timing for the workshop as you begin this new adventure.
    The Best is Yet to Come!!

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