How to Become a Person Worthy of Your Own Respect

RESPECTYour flickering confidence is meant to be a flame of brilliance.

My experience working with leaders is that everyone has moments of doubt and discouragement. You know… those moments of sheer panic when you question yourself and your own abilities. Some are simply more masterful than others at disguising their “moments”.

A certain degree of self-doubt is normal- especially when trying something new. Fear that paralyzes is another matter altogether.

I’m known as the queen of optimism and encouragement but truth be told – I have those moments too. The time for concern is when the moments become weeks and then months. That’s called depression.

One key to success is learning how to encourage yourself and “strengthen yourself in your inner man.” In 35 years of business ownership, I’ve honed that skill and offer you 7 keys to becoming a person worthy of your own respect.

1) Stop comparing yourself to others. You will never fulfill your own destiny as long as you are desiring someone else’s. Comparison is the thief of joy.

2) Persevere. Your greatest strength is often where you experience the greatest battle. It’s human nature to want things to go smoothly, so it’s easy to think that if you are continually coming against major obstacles in expressing your best gifts that it’s just not meant to be. Think again. Understand that the process is going to be painful at times. Press on.

3) Know your core values and guard their importance in your life. When you are anchored to those things that are unchangable, you won’t lose sight of who you are when the storm is raging.

4) Discipline is a pathway to growth. The pain of discipline is short-lived but the pain of regret lingers. Discipline your mind, your body and emotions by making healthy choices. Even when you don’t feel like it. Abraham Heschel wrote, “Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.”

5) Forgive yourself. It’s not always easy to forgive others, but it can be especially difficult to forgive yourself. It was when I experienced the amazing love of Christ and discovered grace to the utmost that I learned how to forgive myself. I don’t know how to teach forgiveness outside of the miraculous, holy wonder of His love. Without that, the past is like a shadow that follows you – a constant reminder of how you’ve fallen short.

6) Invest in yourself. Investing in something is an outward statement that you believe enough to put your time and resources behind it. Buy books to feed your mind. Connect with mentors that see your potential and will help you harness it. Sometimes this means paying a coach. You’re worth it.

7) Accountability is the game changer. We’re not designed to function at our best in isolation. Accountability often takes the form of setting measurable goals and checking in with someone to report your progress.

Leadership at any level begins within secure, authentic people.

The Best is Yet to Come! Let’s talk about it…

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  1. Holy Smokes! Great blog. Makes me want to go to something significant…LOVED THIS. Such an excellent list too. I loved the forgiveness one!

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