Protect Your Intellectual Property

lockandkeyEver been locked out of your house? How about your car? Not fun. In fact, it’s beyond inconvenient and is more than likely a costly aggravation. What makes it worse is it’s usually the result of some form of carelessness (like being in too big of a hurry) and you end up beating yourself up mentally – which only increases the stress quotient.

Let’s move this scenario to the internet.  Ever been locked out of a website because you forgot your username or password? Happens to me on a weekly basis.

I’ll tell you what’s worse. That’s being unable to even access your own website or renew your own domain name because you don’t have the vital information you need – the keys to your intellectual property.

This video message will challenge you to get the master key to your intellectual property and put it in a safe place. The advance of the Information Age has increased the value and scope of intellectual property .  It includes your creative ideas and branding as well as your copyrighted material, trademarks and domain names.

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