In the Zone – From Magical to Miraculous

There’s magical and then there’s miraculous.  I’ve seen my share of both in the past few weeks. On Sept. 19th, I was an eyewitness to the birth of our incredible little granddaughter, Avery Joy.

“Babies are God’s opinion that life should go on”, stated Carl Sandberg.  I have to agree.

In the midst of grave problems like the government shutdown, miracles continue to happen every day.
I laughed and cried in the sheer joy and power of this sacred event, floating for days in a high like none other.

Photo by Kansas Pitts
Photo by Kansas Pitts

Meanwhile, in the Magic Kingdom…

Next, I ventured straight into the world of Disney’s imagination with our two year old and four year old granddaughters. I felt like a child as I experienced their delight and pleasure with a world of fantasy and fun.Disney_collage

Onward to the Most Magnificent Kingdom of All…

With a heart already bursting with the goodness of God, I wrapped up September by participating in an International Aglow Conference that’s nearly impossible to describe. I mean really, if on a score of 1-10 with 10 being “over-the-top” great, and God is a 2500, how do you define that??

These past intensive weeks fed a longing to live in such a way that the miraculous is a daily occurrence. I believe our vision should always exceed our capabilities and stretch farther than anything we’ve ever known in the past. After all, why would God give us an assignment that would work Him out of our lives?

Our expectations are either based on memory or imagination and memories are the stronger of the two. They’re linked to the emotion that’s tied to experience. That’s why we need to press in to lay hold of the manifestation of that which we have only heard is possible.

It’s time to exchange hopeful confidence for concrete experiences.  The world needs to see what you’ve got! We can impart the unshakable expectation of the extraordinary through the way we live. I think I’m ruined for the ordinary and I’m glad of it.

There’s no doubt that the world we live in is a blistering mess. That’s exactly why we need to press in for the miraculous. I’ve tasted the promised fruit and I want more.

I have some practical things to talk to you about next week, but going into the weekend, I just want to encourage you.

Live, love and laugh.  “Laughter is carbonated holiness”.– Ann Lamott


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