The History of Social Collaboration

This well-done infographic on the history of social collaboration begins with the introduction of the first networked computers in 1969. Granted, this was the advent of the information age, which has fundamentally altered the way we buy, sell, run organizations, pay bills, apply for jobs, touch base with our friends and do virtually anything.

In reality, social collaboration probably started around a campfire and then evolved from there over thousands of years. But the changes in the past 40 years seem to be catching up to the speed of light.

As someone with a life-long goal to be a Master Communicator, I’m fascinated by social media and the way it has exponentially expanded the ways we can connect with others. We live in an environment of acceleration.

I trust you will find this cool infographic by High Q as interesting as I do.

Forty years and POOF – we are players in the information age.


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