Effective Internet Marketing [Infographic]

The major shift in marketing from traditional offline advertising to digital marketing has been a sight to behold. I can remember in 1998, spouting the words, “get on the information highway on you’ll be roadkill.”   The future has arrived and now everyone who is anyone has an online presence. The question is, “What’s working for online marketers?”

Here are a few quick facts, illustrated in the infographic below.

    • The average budget spent on company blogs & social media has nearly tripled in three years.
    • Email marketing is still HUGE. 59% of marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue.
    • Ironically, US Internet users spend triple the time on blogs & social networks than on email.
    • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.
    • 44% of marketers using Twitter have  acquired customers from that channel.
    • Social media helps B2B (Business to Business) marketers improve search results.
    • The number of marketers who say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business has increased by 75% in three years.
    • Mobile devices continue to gain importance for marketers: 4 BILLION of the 6.8 BILLION people on the planet, use a mobile phone. 3.5 BILLION of them use a toothbrush.
    • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. Over 50% lead to purchase.


Effective Internet Marketing [Infographic]

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