Winning is Not for Wimps

FindaWAYAs I stepped out on my porch, gun in hand, it hit me how different life in the country is from the cultured city environment where I grew up. And I’ll warn you right now, if you are a squirrel-loving, anti-gun activist, you won’t like this post.

I used to think squirrels were cute and sweet. I had an aunt and uncle who thought of them as pets, buying the finest nuts on sale to lay out a daily buffet. In college, I would go over there and notice the squirrels were getting far better snacks than I could afford. I can remember being horrified when my gentle father started shooting them with a BB gun because they were eating all his avocados and chewing up the screened pool cage.

But now that I’ve tolerated them, thinking their greediness would have limits, I’ve declared war. We have a beautiful garden this year. We’ve had buckets of squash and beans and peppers – enough to share with the neighborhood. Now my favorites are ripe; beautiful, juicy tomatoes and corn so sweet you can eat it raw, straight from the garden and it’s totally amazing. The problem is, the squirrels like the bounty even better than we do and they have nothing else to do all day other than chow down in our garden. I thought they would just nibble and do little damage since they are small. Nope. They are decimating our harvest. My beautiful tomatoes? Those little rodents with tails go down the row, taking a few bites of every one. A little problem has become a really big problem.

How many things in our lives are like that?

We allow little things, which don’t seem to be significant, to set up camp in our lives. Before we know it, they’re stealing our productivity and robbing us of our peace.

  • We put off the conversation that is uncomfortable until the lack of authenticity has undermined the quality of communication and damaged the relationship.
  • We let our fear cause us to delay doing something that’s hard, but really important, until we become paralyzed and full of excuses.
  • We let the weeds of disappointment grow until it seems impossible that our life will ever look like the well-tended garden we want it to be.
  • We allow the little habit that seems harmless become ingrained and before we know it, we are addicted, distracted and way off course.

What are the squirrels in your garden?

Sometimes we have to get militant to get our lives back on track. We will most likely have to do things that are really uncomfortable to take back what belongs to us. 

“Better a good plan executed violently today, than a great plan tomorrow.” ~ General George S. Patton

My husband advised a shotgun would be our best chance of taking our garden back from the squirrels. Oh no! That’s harsh. Well, sometimes tough measures are in order.  I’ve never liked guns, so it follows that I’m not a good shot. The only problem is, he leaves for work at the crack of dawn before the squirrels come out. So I’ve been practicing my marksmanship. My lack of proper technique turned my shoulder and upper arm black and blue and I didn’t even graze one. My husband is mystified. How could I miss? When I refused to use the shotgun anymore, he instructed me in the use of the .22 rifle. So I’ve changed weapons. The squirrels seem to be laughing at me while they run for cover when I show up shooting.

I’m not winning this particular battle, but I’m really good at fighting other ones. I’ve taken aim many times at the issues that drain energy and sabotage success with measurable results. Overcoming fears, sharpshooting vision, fine-tuning goals and taking new ground are what I love about working with leaders. Cheering you on while you hone the skills that allow truly significant wins… that’s deeply gratifying. I have years of experience so I can help you in the transition of what has seemed really hard; you’re going to love it when it becomes easy. Some things aren’t meant to be done alone.  I’m working with a Leadership Team this summer and there’s room for you.  I’m determined not to let the squirrels of life decimate the upcoming harvest.

Winning is not for wimps.  Click Here if you’re ready for some major victories in your life and business.

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