7 Secrets to Find Anything Using Google Search [Infographic]

How many times a day do you Google something you want to know more about?

For most of us, it has become an invaluable resource in our continual quest for knowledge. I love it and have to stretch my mind to remember the day we had to drive to a library to do research in a card catalog in order to learn more about a subject.

But even with the amazingly convenient search engines at our fingertips, there are tips and tricks that can help  you use them more effectively.
Highlights of this Infographic offer

7 Secrets to Find Anything Using Google Search

1. Search for an exact phrase.
2. Search the “Images” selection on Google.
3. Search words in any order.
4. Search within a specific website.
5.Limit your search to the most recent by selecting a date range.
6. Search for a video on the subject by going straight to YouTube
7. “Find something similar to” can open a whole new world of possibilities.

In sharing this terrific Infographic designed by Maria Peagler of SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com, I have to add a note about the combined power of Social Media with old fashioned, face-to-face networking.

I met Maria about 5 years ago at a Business Conference in Atlanta. In meeting her personally, her intelligence, focus, and commitment were evident and immediately set her apart from the hundreds of social media experts emerging at that time. Staying in touch through social networks strengthened the connection. Never underestimate the power of those opportunities to network the “old school” way – face to face.



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