Fear Is What We Feel – Brave Is What We Do

Most of us know fear on a first-name basis. Fear wears as many masks as the number of hats we wear. I’ve felt it as a business owner, mom, wife, community leader, musician, and speaker. When the wind is at your back, the skies are cloudless, and life is smiling at you – it’s easy to […]

Lost Your Mojo?

If you’ve never lost your mojo, let me be the first to congratulate you. When you lose it, you know it. You feel like you’ve been side-lined while everyone else is enjoying the thrill of the game. Mojo is the rhythm you have when things are going well. You’ve got momentum, energy and feel the […]

Beyond Disappointment

When I was a kid, I loved a game show Monty Hall hosted called “Let’s Make a Deal.” There were always 3 curtains (or doors) to choose from and if you picked the right one, you won something awesome like a new car. The wrong door held dud prizes, like a donkey. How many of […]

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