With No Signs of Slowing, the Data Keeps Growing

In a post earlier this week, I mentioned that we live in the most distracted culture in history.

It’s hard to fathom the speed that information flies by and it shows no sign of slowing. For example, two years ago, Facebook users shared 684,478 pieces of content every 60 seconds. Currently, that number has exploded to 2,460,000 pieces. Every minute of every day. Crazy, huh? If your email Inbox is bulging with messages and your FaceBook requests are languishing in a land that is nothing more than a blur,  you’re not alone.

How do you maintain your peace in the midst of all this noise?

1. Focus on what’s important to you. Know what your core values are and let those be your compass.

2. Lighten up. Learn to laugh and enjoy the small things.

3. Stay in your lane with your eyes on the road. The faster you’re going, the more important that is.

There’s a lot of distraction out there…

With No Signs of Slowing, the Data Keeps Growing


Thanks to the folks at Domo for a great infographic. To compare the one from two years go, click Here

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