38 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Your Company Culture

Employee engagement is the most important factor in sustainable success for any organization. The customer experience can not possibly exceed the employee’s experience. Thus dissatisfied employees result in unhappy customers. I’d rather talk about engaged people on staff generating unprecedented customer satisfaction. Research reveals that 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work and employee disengagement is costing the United States $500 Billion per year. I hope those numbers get your attention. Leaders simply can not afford to see they things the way they want them to be. We have to be discerning about the culture that our leadership has created.

I was thrilled to find this infographic by OfficeVibe.com and list developed by Jacob Shriar, Director of Content at OfficeVibe.

38 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Your Company Culture

1. Organize Team-Building Activities
2. Tell Employees Not To Be Shy
3. Offer Coaching
4. Encourage More Group Collaboration
5. Give Frequent Praise
6. Preach Your Core Values
7. Celebrate Failure
8. Offer Courses For Learning
9. Encourage Personal Development
10. Create A Great Work Environment
11. Give Frequent Feedback
12. Involve Everyone In Decisions
13. Keep Testing New Initiatives
14. Practice Radical Transparency
15. Have Monthly One-On-Ones
16. Offer Stress-Management Exercises
The infographic refers to “mindfulness” exercises. That doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody, so I want to be specific and mention several proven ways to lower stress.
17. Let Employees Have Autonomy
18. Give Employees Gym Passes
19. Collect Frequent Feedback
20. Support Local Charities
21. Offer Healthy Food
22. Organize An Event
23. Establish Clear Goals
24. Enforce A Good Work-Life Balance
25. Make Senior Leadership Visible
26. Help Employees Save For The Future
27. Have Fun!
28. Hire For Culture Fit
29. Survey Employees Frequently
30. Share Content With Your Team
31. Act On The Feedback You Collect
32. Remind Employees About Benefits
33. Use Collaborative Tools
Here are a few tools that can help improve these processes.

  • Slack
  • iDoneThis
  • Trello
  • Calendly
  • Boomerang
  • Google Hangouts

34. Encourage Networking
35. Send Employees To Conferences
36. Be Flexible With Schedules
37. Organize A Potluck Lunch
38. Work Hard On Your Onboarding Process

If these 38 ideas don’t inspire your thinking, here’s a link to 70 employee engagement ideas on Workvivo.

Full credit to OfficeVibe.com for this infographic. Visit them for downloads and relevant articles at

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