Crushing Fear, Building Faith

During a recent leadership session with a team of smart, motivated, self-aware individuals, there was a lively discussion on how to crush fear and become more courageous. It was agreed that a vital component is building up one’s faith. Since activation is key for this group, the next question was, “How exactly, do you build […]

Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Courageous communication is a key to successful relationships. Whether working with a team to create a healthy business culture or applying it personally to boldly address hard subjects, it describes honest, clearly articulated conversations about issues that matter. It is a proven way to build an atmosphere of trust. Since my natural personality tendency sets […]

Standing Firm in the Face of Intimidation

On a recent morning run, I decided to take a different route than I usually do. I continually want to stretch the boundaries in every area of my life, so off I went. Not far onto an unfamiliar road,  I was humming along, finding my rhythm, when I was startled by two snarling beasts.  Okay, […]

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