A Quest for Treasure

Quest   \k’west\  n.  1. search, pursuit. 2. an enterprise in medieval romance usually involving an adventurous journey. I’m captivated by people who are on a quest.  Years ago, when I was starting my first business, I met the Mel Fisher family, the treasure hunters who found the sunken treasure from the Spanish galleon “Atocha”.  In …

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Tapping the Wealth Within

I’ve always considered myself to be an intuitive person – in touch with matters of the heart that often defy explanation or articulation. In the past, I didn’t consider that a marketable skill since the business world is so left-brained. But there’s been a shift. Daniel Pink describes it well in his book,  “A Whole New Mind”.  He proposes that we’re …

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What Makes Content Go Viral?

What’s the magic that causes a tweet, YouTube video or ad campaign to go viral? Awe-inspiring content, hilarity and controversy all rank high on the reasons why people share. In other words, things that provoke an emotional reaction. Mark Hachman cites a study by two Wharton assistant professors suggesting that “readers value and share hope and awe, …

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